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On May 31st Canadian pop-punk and alternative rock band Simple Plan will perform in concert hall “Palladium”. This will be their first show in Latvia, and the band is coming to our country within support of their latest album “Taking One For The Team”.

Asked about the album, the band members said: “We have been working on these new songs for almost 2 years now and we cannot wait to share them with you. We all feel like this is our best album yet.”

Although Simple Plan has its roots at the end of the 90’s, more prominence is gained by the debut album “No Pads , No Helmets … Just Balls ” (2002) release. It contains 4 singles, of which the most popular are Perfect and I’m just a kid. Album is also relevant with participation of Mark Hoppus, the member of Blink 182, and Joel Madden from Good Charlotte. Overall the album was sold in more than 5 million copies, what is the best commercial success for the Simple Plan so far.

In 2004 second album was released, it is called “Still Not Getting Any…”, which was produced by top-level professional Bob Rock (Metallica, The Offspring, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Mötley Crüe, etc.). The most successful singles from this album are Welcome To My Life and Untitled (How Could This Happen To Me?).

Four years later the next album comes out, which the members decide to call simply after the band’s name “Simple Plan”. Remarkable that the single When I’m Gone achieves the biggest prominence so far and gets in to UK Top 40.
In 2011 “Get Your Heart On” is released – where like in the debut album Simple Plan collaborates with other musicians again, including Natasha Bedingfield. The noteworthy single of this album is Jet Lag.

The latest release of the band “Taking One For The Team” came out just recently, on February 19th. I Don’t Wanna Go To Bed, the collaboration with raper Nelly, is the album’s first official and so far most popular single.

During their musical career Simple Plan have received a prestige Canadian Juno award twice, MuchMusic Video award for 6 times, and at least once NRJ Music, Teen Choice and many other awards.


Oh, The Possibilities – When the IoT Grows Up

The Internet of Things is something like a gangly, acne-covered adolescent with knobby knees and a clumsy gait. We can see the bright eyes, the long legs and strong hands, and we know it is chock full of “potential”, but it sure is awkward right now.

Notwithstanding all of this awkwardness, however, this clumsy youngster has already made a tremendous difference in the world. The very thought of its possibilities has sent a tremor to the core of our civilization, touching every aspect of our material and intellectual lives. Just consider the fact that the sentence you just read – as blustery and over-the-top as it may seem – is not even inaccurate. Sure, a person can still live a simple life without all of the trappings of modern technology or communication media (I assume?), living only from sustenance won by his or her bare hands directly from the natural world, never interacting with another living soul. I suppose this is possible, and maybe this person could make a strong case that his/her life remains untouched in any way by the Internet of Things. This person, however, will not be reading this and need not be a part of the conversation.

So, to reiterate: the Internet of Things – or at least the thought of it – is influencing every component of our world today. This is because it is not simply an evolution of technology; it the sort of technological/philosophical movement that transforms civilizations. On the order of agriculture, kingship, or industrialization.

Yes, it is that significant.

That is to say, the technological/ philosophical movement started by the Internet itself is that significant. After all, the words, images, videos, and applications that inhabit the regular old Internet are themselves ‘things’. The concept behind what we call the Internet of Things is simply the dawning of the realization that the Internet is not just about people communicating with people; it’s about everything communicating with everything.

Consider what we already see happening to:


In Oskarshamm, Sweden smart building technology has helped reduce the city’s power consumption by 350 MWh, reducing their carbon footprint by 80 tons of CO2. Houston, Texas has used new sensing technology to retrofit 40 municipal buildings for energy efficiency, delivering $3 million in yearly energy and water savings.

Entire cities are changing the way they govern their populations, the way they distribute resources, the way they police themselves. Cities are changing the way they transport goods and people, the way they measure and control their impact on their environments. Everything that defines what a city is and does is being transformed by not just new technologies, but the new ideas inspired the Internet of Things.


One of the foundational elements of civilization, a technological/philosophical movement that predates history itself, is being profoundly influenced by the Internet of Things. Farmers large and small are using networked data to maximize the already-known benefits of established practices (knowing what types of crops to plant when, knowing when and how much to water, etc.). Farmers have also had success safely and naturally controlling pests through the intelligent release of pheromones. Decreased resource consumption and increased yield are very tangible benefits that have the potential to solve some very serious problems related to food shortages and ever-increasing populations, while simultaneously reducing the environmental impact of farming and bringing the family-owned farm back into the global marketplace.


This is the realm of autonomous factories and self-healing machines. Through the convergent development of advanced computing power, sophisticated network technology, sensors, robotics, and analytic techniques, we are seeing the integration of industrial systems both vertically and horizontally. Machines to Machine communication, predictive maintenance, and continuous improvement programs are completely reinventing manufacturing.

Companies like Honda and ABB are using IoT technology to consolidate and organize their manufacturing and maintenance operations through systems of real-time communication and process automation. Companies are using advanced analytics to discover unknown opportunities for improved efficiency. Consider how Kennametal reduced their production cycle time by as much as %40 by simple modifications to their processes like changing the angle of a cut in a particular machining operation.

Real-time consumer data is helping companies be more responsive to the needs and expectations of their customers, and eliminating gaps between supply and demand. Predictive analysis is helping to reduce maintenance costs and incrementally improve production processes through systems of continual improvement. A unique quality of the impact the Internet of Things is having on Industry is its benefits extend beyond the marketplace. Whereas previously profit increases were sought by increasing the scale or speed of production, the new paradigm focuses on increasing efficiency, reducing resource consumption and eliminating waste. The new industrial landscape of smart, connected devices will incidentally lead to a cleaner, safer, more sustainable planet, which leads to the next item…


It is certainly possible to see new technologies as a double-edged sword in this arena. Historically, what humankind has deemed to be good for itself has quite often seemed to be detrimental to our environment. As the Internet of Things makes it easier for us feed and accommodate larger populations, and populations continue to grow, it is not difficult to see how this could negatively impact the environment. An interesting quality of the philosophical thrust behind most Internet of Things initiatives, though, is the tendency toward reduction and conservation. Use fewer resources. Create less waste. Do as much as possible with what is available to us. In a way that may be unprecedented, this worldwide technological evolution may actually improve our relationship with the natural world.

Yes, the Internet of Things is a gangly, awkward, stumbling bunch of possibilities right now, but it is already changing our world. And while we may not have reached that tipping point yet – the point where what is possible becomes what is necessary, and a movement truly transforms our civilization – I think most of us can feel the axis tilting.

There will inevitably come a time when what is happening becomes what has happened, and we will only recognize the revolutionary quality of it when we look back at it in retrospect. In the case of the Internet of Things, I think we have reason to be optimistic.

Know About The Importance Of IT Services and Support for Businesses

It is a fact that a business requires timely and adequate IT Support and Services that fulfill their needs and help them to recover the systems in bad times. These days there are plenty of online IT services and Support providers that offer a range of services for many purposes. There are several plans and packages that are priced accordingly and that they are being used with conveniences as well.

What is support and how is it achieved?

Speaking of support it means that service providers help businesses with technical issues or problems through solutions regarding the information technology. This ensures that the systems continue to work smoothly and effectively without any glitches at all. The companies that rely heavily on information technology usually have an IT team that works consistently having their own backup plans if something goes wrong.

These days automated and simple diagnostic support is provided by the IT service providers. The companies that avail the services can access the support at any time via a quick access that is gained through the particular multimedia collaboration channel respectively. To make the efficient use of communication resources and the time, the service providers have developed plans for rapid issue resolution, proactive problem prevention, and the continual solution optimization.

The support involves sophisticated services that include remote diagnostics that help the respective company to detect such situations that result in the system, network or application outages. The advance support technology gives has the ability to give early warning signs to take preventable actions to ensure the system performance as well.

Types of Support Services

1. Office Support: This is the ideal choice for the midmarket engagement solution. It covers the following aspects.

– Access to the comprehensive resources on the support website.

– Usage of enhanced and remote access capabilities that would speed deployment of services and trouble resolution. The SSL-VPN connectivity allows the seamless delivery of major software patches and upgrades. This helps to increase the security and reduces the risks linked with the product interactions.

– Utilization of flexible coverage options ensures that the system runs trouble-free and performs optimally at all times. The remote technical support is available during the normal business working days and even includes licenses upgrade for the IP Office software.

2. Data Network Support

This service is meant for the maximum performance of the network and includes three aspects that are mentioned below.

– Usage of the software subscription service that enables access to new functionality and features.

– Such services can be selected that better meet the needs of the business or organization. This enables to achieve optimal uptime and minimum disruption from the network management problems and network performance.

– The comprehensive software and hardware support services can be availed for better protection and management of optimal levels for operating systems. For damaged components, new components can be delivered promptly. On the other side, there is an on-site support for the spare parts as well and that the spare parts get delivered within few hours only.

Thus, it can be rightly said that the IT Support is essential for the smooth running of the businesses. The different support services are necessary for the best and efficient performance of the networks and systems respectively.

5 Tips For Choosing a Data Center For Offsite Storage

Managing A Critical Piece Of The Business Environment

Everything that has to do with today’s technology can be referred to as ICT. This involves technology used by individuals, organizations, business, and enterprises. A good way to look at it is thinking about all the products that deal with storage, manipulation, transmitting and receiving the information in a digital form.

Traditional computer technologies and digital communication are the two primary areas that define the ICT from a business point of view.

A company that manages ICT will look at how data is captured stored, used and verified. It covers the aspects of manipulating, processing and distributing the information. An important part of managing information is designing networks and share based on needs.

Strategically investing in a project will bring questions as to what amount should the information side get. The ICT side of any organization should be used as a tool, so be careful as to how much will be paid for that tool and what benefits will it bring.

However, if the management of the ICT side is done correctly, the results can provide tremendous opportunities and transform businesses at a core level.

Bringing vital support to ensure operations are successful will result in an agile, active and performance based enterprise.

Services offered by management companies may vary, but the main categories are these: business related, operations related, technology related and H.R. related. Applying changes to these four broad categories can make a difference and offer a distinct advantage on the market.

Using knowledge in a flexible and natural way with the back-up of internal resources will result in an advantage. Delivering all the experience based on prior projects generates a consistent and accurate approach to a client’s challenge.

To create a business related solution investigations, interviews, and business processes are analyzed compared and changed. The goal is to create strategy plans that are focused on changing the ICT approach in the environment.

Analyzing the ICT environment from the operational point of view will require an audit. This among others like identifying procedures used and performance measurement will result in a better understanding of the business. A revision of disaster recovery procedures, support contracts, and problem escalation will reveal critical issues that must be addressed.

The technology used by enterprises must be in sync with current industry trends and provide the edge in emerging markets. Companies that manage the ICT will make recommendations regarding new technology integration and the way this integration must take place.

Having dealt with the technology side of the business, it is time to provide some insight regarding HR related issues. The best way to do this is to investigate the current skill set, training and retention rate that applies to the employees. This must be done to provide the staff with the support needed to implement and operate new technology. Another step that ICT management companies take ensures that training plans are created so that the required competency is achieved.

Stepping Into The World Of 3D Printing May Be Your Smartest Move Yet

Ever considered starting your own 3D printing online business? Well maybe it’s time you did. This exciting new trend in advanced technology is quickly taking the world by storm and the more popular it becomes the more the demand for it will increase. Not surprisingly, with that demand comes a world of possibilities for talented IT professionals to make their mark.

Truly, the possibilities that 3D printing brings with it are nothing short of amazing. Of course they are also quite challenging, as the 3D printing process can be very intricate and complicated and may require specialized skill. Not a bonus for eager business owners who want to put it to use for themselves but a distinct advantage for IT professionals like yourself who have the know-how to help them use the specialized software, designs and equipment involved.

There are different types of 3D printing online-business-entities that you could start. The most obvious is one where you create and market your own 3D designs. This is particularly exciting for those who combine their flair for technology with a flair for the creative. It involves mastering CAD and using different types of software to create unique products that you can then direct market to your audience. The limits for this kind of business are bound only by your own imagination and ability.

If you don’t want to go this route, you can still offer your services to businesses that may have ideas of their own but lack the knowledge, equipment or time necessary to bring them to reality. By helping them to create their own pieces without spending a fortune, you can give them the ability to retain control of their own designs while putting your own technological skill to use without having to actually create the designs yourself.

Of course either of these first two options assumes that you have access to the often extremely pricey equipment necessary for 3D printing. If this is not true in your case, you can still establish a 3D printing online business by setting yourself up as the middleman between businesses with designs and individuals with the ability to do the actual printing.

In this way, you can use your own knowledge of the technology involved in 3D printing to consult with companies on their design ideas, help them produce workable designs if they don’t’ have them already, and pair them up with someone who can then turn those designs into reality. This kind of service could be attractive to businesses that don’t have the time to spend on it themselves or the technological expertise that would allow them to identify the right printer to work with.

What makes the whole concept of 3D printing so enticing is the ability to bring your design ideas to life while maintaining control over the entire manufacturing process, something that hasn’t been a reality for businesses up to now. With this new technology, that possibility is now becoming a certainty and with your IT training, you could be an important player in this bold new world.

When you’re looking to find your niche in the IT world, don’t forget about the possibility of having your own 3D printing online business. It could be just what you were looking for and could open up all sorts of exciting opportunities for you!

The Use of Drones in Real Estate Development

Aerial photography is no newbie to the real estate industry. Real estate agents and property owners have used aerial photography and videography to show their properties in captivating ways for decades. And while helicopters have been used in the past to deliver stunning aerial footage of real estate and commercial properties, drones are able to give you shots from angles and heights not possible using a helicopter. Drones are able to give take photographs and videos that are high quality, affordable and are comparable to the footage you see in Hollywood.

Drones are a very convenient option when it comes to shooting in a populated area. Drones are better than small planes because they are able to give you photos that are cost effective. Also, drones can be maneuvered more easily as compared to that of small planes in areas that are populated. And drones take much less time and resources to capture the footage.

There are many real estate property dealers who are interested in buying high property and need to look at the property before buying it. It is going to be a long and tedious journey if the whole property is to be looked in person. It is here that the drones can be used for the convenience of the buyer as well as the seller.

The sellers can be shown the whole property in the palm of their hands by shooting all the locations of the property with the help of the drone. The advantages of the use of drones in viewing the property for the purpose of investing are many, including:

· Each and every portion of the property can be viewed

· The various problems associated with the property can be ascertained

· The seller need not waste their precious time in viewing each and every property in person

· It becomes easier to compare two or more properties at the same time

· Any problems can be discussed with the seller at the beginning of the deal

· The buyers find the property more attractive if it has been shot using drones.

Drones offer a convenient as well as cost effective way of shooting a property as well as showing it to the potential investors. Drone pilots can be conveniently hired to make these stunning videos which can then be used for bringing in more buyers. Also, a drone pilot can be hired for a day to show live video footage of the property captured by the drone flying over it for those clients who show their interest in buying the property.

Whether it is a high rise building or a large stretch of land, all this and much more can be made visible to potential buyers in a very short span of time by the use of a UAV. People who want to invest in high-rise buildings need not give a lot of their precious time in viewing the property from different angles. They can rather make use of the drone videos to get the real feel of the property they want to buy. You can even get a view from the window or the balcony of the apartment or the pent house you are planning on buying without having to go up there in person.

Innovative Uses of Drones in Sporting Activities

When it comes to sports the a popular use of drones is for filming sporting events taking place all over the world, and even practice sessions to observe players. As a drone can film the action aerially, its recordings can be used for assessing the performance of players and the changes that may be required in their technique or coordination. Drones are one of the most promising technologies and soon it is going to be the “IT” thing in the market. This is why everyone is trying to tap the potential of this amazing concept and want to utilize them in their respective fields.

Tech people are evolving drones for covering sporting activities that require the athlete to move around while the drone tracks their movements. “Follow Me” technology is being used to film each and every movement of the athlete.

These drones will follow the person who is wearing the GPS device and thus will be able to shoot the athlete wherever he goes. The GPS device transmits your location to the flying drone which will easily locate you. The athlete will have to specify the height at which the drone is to fly.

The problem that is associated with the “follow me” technology is that it does not pay heed to the obstructions in the way of the drone. A drone is a machine that needs instructions for everything it does. It does not have brains of its own which is why it is extremely important that there are no obstructions present in the drone’s follow-me flight path. If this isn’t the case then there is a strong chance that the drone may get entangled into a tree that is present in its flight path or might even collide with the power lines running overhead.

The other problem associated with the drone imaging of sporting activities is the camera. Even though you may be having the most sophisticated drone that can follow you everywhere but if the camera cannot point at you the images that it captures will be vague and of no use to you. However, there are devices that can keep the camera stable such as gimbal. The gimbals work on different modes and even if the drone is moving the camera maintains a stable position, giving you the perfect shot.

3DR IRIS+ has shown promising results as far as the pitch of the camera is concerned. This allows the camera to autonomously control the pitch and be useful in the action sport with modes like follow me. Drones have proven themselves to be a great asset in the field of sports with various events like Olympics and football matches being covered with their help.

In addition to their use for covering sporting events, drones are being used in their very own sport too, drone racing. This new sport is becoming hugely popular among the people and is being touted to replace racing sports like horse racing in the future.

Three WordPress Steps That Will Make Your Blog Better

Saving time is crucial when it’s clear that the hours you dedicate to your blog are never enough. Being quick, efficient, and productive takes dedication. And some useful shortcuts as you can see from these tips.

Minimize Distractions with a Full-Screen Mode

No matter what you do by using WP – blogging, creating design, or else – you will know the meaning of the word distraction. And on top of that, the platform itself is not making it easier. Unless you go full-screen. You will be able to reach the most important tools, like headings, links, and lists, by pointing with your mouse. If you are the keyboard-command type of guy, just use the Alt+Shift+w combination for fast switching.

You Can Make WP Find Internal Links for You

Building internal links from new posts to those in the archives is time-consuming. Whenever you have the chance to link to something you’ve written before, don’t miss the opportunity. The usual Google command is “site:blog.bufferapp.com keyword,” when searching for suitable content. But you can make it much easier. Inside the dialog box to insert/edit a link, there’s an easily-missed option found at the bottom – “Or link to existing content.” This option expands the box to show you all the content of your blog and a search field to find just the ones you’re looking for. The results will start automatically sorting to help you find exactly what you are looking for once you start typing. The exact matches with your keyword and title will appear first, next are the results that have your keyword in the body of the post.
Click the post that is your destination, and WordPress will copy this post into the URL and Title fields above.

Make the Pasting of Quotes Smarter

You don’t want to witness formatting, div tags, and other shreds of code when you simply need a rich text pasted, do you? WordPress removes the alien formatting itself, but the next time you cut and paste a section from your own post, it gets stripped of all the formatting. So, you have to remember to change back to regular pasting, by clicking the “Paste-as-text” icon. Proceed like this: Keep the WordPress settings the way they are normally, and paste as plain text by using a keyboard shortcut: CTRL + SHIFT + v for Windows and CMD + SHIFT + v for Mac.

6 Important reasons why your brand should be on Youtube

Are videos part of your online marketing strategy? If not, they should definitely be or else you will be missing on a lot of opportunities to grow your business. And before proceeding with this article, check our previous blog post “5 reasons why online video marketing is the new to-do”. If videos are part of your strategy, then you must consider Youtube as a platform.

Videos are becoming popular on Facebook…Even very popular. However, Youtube, was and is still the hub for videos online. After all, this social network is a pure video-sharing platform and has been so since its birth in 2005. If this reason alone hasn’t convinced you, here are 6 other reasons why your brand should be on Youtube.

Youtube, a search engine?
Indeed! Actually Youtube is the second largest search engine after, Google. Many internet users go to Youtube to find all kinds of videos; music, tutorials, product’s know-how… In order to find relevant videos, users will look up for keywords in the Youtube search bar. And just like Google, the social network will show results that are related to the search performed. Make sure that Youtube will also be part of your SEO strategy.

Youtube videos among Google first search results
Being owned by the largest search engine, definitely has its advantages. And one of them is that, when relevant, Youtube videos appear on Google’s first results page. This means that Google gives Youtube videos the same importance as website text content or blog. Therefore, if your video is properly optimized with the relevant keywords, it can reach the right audience, grow your business’s visibility, and be a boost to your SEO strategy.

Youtube increases your brand, product, service’s visibility.
Youtube is one of the most populated websites ever. Actually, it is the third most visited after, respectively, Google and Facebook. In fact, there are more than a billion active users on this social network who spend 3.25 billion hours monthly watching all kind of videos. You are probably not going to reach all the users, but it certainly opens a promising opportunity, especially if the video content is interesting.

Youtube ads help reach targeted audience.
Just like any other social network, Youtube provides ads to better target your contents. With the 300 hours of videos being uploaded every minute, your video has a significant chance to get unnoticed. Therefore, it is necessary to make use of ads to target users that will most likely search, watch and engage with your video.

Youtube and the virality effect
Even though Youtube videos don’t include share buttons like Facebook or retweets like Twitter, the social network remains the home of viral videos. What makes it successful is the fact that sharing or embedding a video on another website to reach more people can be done in an easy way. It’s true that Facebook “recently” adopted videos directly on its platform, however, usually these videos remain on Facebook and can not be searched for easily. For this reason, you should leave room to Youtube in your social media strategy as well.

Youtube analytics for better insights
Youtube has its own analytics that allow video owners to better understand the performance of their content. Among the insights given, few of them are visible to views which can act as an indicator to the video’s content quality. For example, when a user searches for a photoshop tutorial, hundreds of related videos will appear. So which video to watch? Well, he will most likely choose the one with the most views or with the most positive reviews.

Many brands got successful with an effective Youtube marketing strategy. However, the road to success isn’t drawn to everyone. What you need to do is 1) having a video that is interesting to watch, 2) the right knowledge of the online industry. So, at this point, just take the decision to invest in online video marketing, and collaborate with a web agency to create the right strategy for your success.

All about securing your files on USB drive

We all have files and folders that we don’t want others to look at. These files could be financial documents, images, videos or some other questionable material. Nonetheless, one thing is obvious, they should be secured and password-protected. You can certainly take that data, put it inside a USB device, but it won’t be secure. USB drives have been all the craze recently, in fact there are a cult following for novelty USB drives, they have been designed to look like sushi rolls, body appendages, teddy bears, fruit slices and other funny looking things. They also make a popular promotional item, often handed out for free on tech conventions, most of these USB drives (handed out for free) contain the promotional material on the company trying to promote their brand and services.

However, according to internet security experts, USB drives are a data security nightmare. To understand why, we need to first discuss their aesthetics and capabilities. These devices are reusable & rewritable that are only a few inches long, approximately 1-4 inches – they plug directly into any USB port and can transfer large chunks of data in a matter of few minutes to few seconds. These devices are also popularly referred to as USB flash drives or thumb drives. To make them attractive to users, they are reasonably priced for the amount of data they can store, some can hold the capacity to store several gigabytes, sometimes ranging upward to 20 gigabytes.

However, their biggest attraction is also their main weakness – being portable and small in size. Consequently, this means that if the user ends up losing their device – and if that device just happens to contain sensitive information – then that information can potentially fall into the wrong hands. Say for example, an aeronautical engineer has schematics on new aircraft technology saved on a USB drive, if he or she ends up dropping this USB drive, say it falls out of his or her pocket, then there’s a 50/50 chance that the schematics information can end up in the wrong hands. If someone intends to sell this information to potential competitors or a foreign country, they could do so without repercussions.

Then, it’s no surprise when security experts claim that data is becoming the new ‘currency’ for e-criminals. Despite this alarming trend, users still fail to take adequate steps to secure their data on USB drives. Many feel that their chances of becoming a victim are either too low or can’t afford to secure USB drives they own. Nonetheless, there’s a solution to the latter, and it comes in the form of Lock USB. Lock USB has been developed with proprietary data locking technology that prevents hackers from accessing the locked data inside. What’s more, it’s the only USB locking software on the market that has cross-platform locking. This means that locked data inside USB drives cannot be accessed on any operating platform. For example, once the data is locked from a Windows computer, the USB device can be plugged into a MAC, but that data will not be accessible. Accordingly, this form of protection is only available in Lock USB.