4 Tips for More Effective Social Media Marketing

While most business owners have social media marketing down to a science, others need a push in the right direction. Starting a successful marketing campaign can be difficult, especially for new business owners. Below are several helpful tips to enhance any business’ social media marketing efforts.

Share at the Right Times

There are no definitive rules on the best posting time, but there are some general guidelines to follow. Women tend to stay up late to go on sites like Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram, and waiting until 10 or 11 pm to post may work to a business’ advantage. By sharing at the right time, businesses can get their products and services in front of a greater portion of the target market.

Build an Email List

Many people think email has gone the way of the dinosaurs, but it is still popular. Over 90% of people still check their email daily, and it is a preferred communication channel for many customers. Because email is a big asset to a marketing campaign, companies should try to gather more subscribers. Provide an opt-in form on a LinkedIn or Facebook page and offer an incentive for customers to join the subscriber list.

Send the Correct Message on the Appropriate Platform

Every social media site draws a different audience and serves a unique purpose, and understanding this can make marketing more effortless. For instance, it wouldn’t make sense to promote a lawyer’s services on Pinterest or Instagram. Companies should test multiple platforms to see how the audience responds, and tailor their social media marketing efforts accordingly.

Don’t Put Too Much Faith in Organic Strategies

In an ideal situation, organic SEO would be sufficient for all of a business’ marketing needs. However, the world is far from perfect, and free methods don’t always yield the best results—therefore, paying for traffic is sometimes necessary. PPC strategies are a good way to get quick results; use Adwords to advertise near specific searches and pay only when someone clicks the ad. All major social media sites offer users the chance to buy ad space, and it’s also available on Reddit and YouTube. Go online at www.Linkedin.com/jimtsokanos to learn more on effective ad placement and social media marketing.